Naturally Australian Meat & Game offer a full range of smallgoods from salamis, bacon and continental smallgoods through to cooked meats such as lamb beef and pastrami.



To assist you with your order we have detailed descriptions below of some of our range of smallgoods products. If you have any specific requirements please contact us

Mortadella Sausage
Mortadella is an Italian cured sausage, resembling bologna, which is made from ground pork and then mashed into a paste and spiced with pepper.

Presswurst is a brawn made from pork and is ideal for serving on a platter, in salads or in a sandwich.

Csabai Salami
Csabai is a traditional Hungarian salami seasoned with paprika and selected Hungarian herbs.

Pancetta is salt cured and spiced pork belly. It can be eaten raw as an antipasto or sliced  to flavour dishes, particularly Italian based recipes

Pastrami is a popular delicatessen meat made principally from red meat, mainly brisket. The meat is brined, partly dried, seasoned with various herbs and then smoked.

Kransky Sausage
The Kransky is a spicy pork sausage and is great for platters or for the barbeque. One popular variation is the cheese kransky was invented in Australia  by gourmet continental butchers.