Naturally Australian Meat & Game has great pride in it’s reputation as arguably the leading game meat supplier in Australia. As well as domestic supply Naturally Australian Meat & Game exports quality game meats to Africa, Europe and Asia and is increasingly expanding it’s export footprint



With a taste similar to beef and better health benefits, camel could be the new gourmet product that puts Australia on the international food map as other products have previously. Camel meat is very moist has a lower fat content than beef.

Crocodile has become a very popular meat in Australia and overseas and is part of a developing cuisine that is uniquely Australian. Crocodile meat is low in fat and high in protein and is best cooked in the same way as lean pork or chicken.

Emu has a gamey flavour and is lean and very low in fat content. Most cuts are from the thigh and include steak and fillet cuts. Emu is ideal for the barbeque, kebabs and stir fries.

Farmed Rabbit

Goat has exceptional nutritional qualities offering significant benefits for the health conscious. Goat meat is extremely low in calories and has a lower fat content than lean chicken yet has iron levels higher than beef.


Ostrich meat is a lean, moist and tender red meat and is low in fat and cholesterol. Ostrich can be used in any traditional red meat recipe.




Venison is not only low in fat but is high in manty nutrients such as Vitamin B and iron. Venison has a wonderful woody, almost fruity flavor and has a texture similar to beef. Venison is ideal for grilling and barbequing and should be cooked at a high temperature similar to steak.